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Sunrise in South Beach Miami

South Beach Miami on a Budget

South Beach Miami - Lincoln Road Planning your trip to South Beach Miami? Looking for budget travel tips? Maybe you like to travel with style? Then you are at the right place!

I have created this site to share money-saving travel tips for the budget conscious.

So, before you go, explore here to find:

And while you are thinking about your next escape to South Beach Miami, Florida, you can even use this site to create a Bingo Card and find places to play Bingo in South Beach.

Bingo? Yes, really, Bingo.

The Beach in South of Miami
Homes of Rich & Famous Everglades Park Farmers Market Gay Pride Parade 2011 Two Parrots Halloween 2013 on Lincoln Road

Want Low Down Real Facts About South Beach?

South Beach Miami is truly a party town. It never sleeps. Best of all, you don’t have to be invited to this party! By visiting South Beach Miami, you are part of it.

What do I think about South Beach Miami? I love it! I love everything there: the beach, the people, and the nightlife.

The sun seems to be shining even at night. I also love Florida's hot weather! Yes, it can be very hot and humid at South Beach Miami. So, be prepared.

Is it Expensive to Stay in South Beach?

Staying in South Beach Miami can cost many bucks or a few bucks. It depends on your style.

I like the inexpensive, value side, but I also like to travel with style - well, hip style.

There are good travel deals somewhere in South Beach all year around. Just follow the ancient advice: “If you seek, you shall find!”

So here you go - your budget travel guide to South Beach - dozens of travel tips for people of all ages on a budget, and who love to spend time in Miami.

Jessica Gale,

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